28 April 2012

A New Dog at Casa Jay

 This is Luna.  She is about one year old and is the latest member of our "family" here at Casa Jay, in the mountains of western Panama.  One of the nice things about living out in the countryside is that I have space for my dogs to run and play without bothering anyone else.

Luna is mainly (entirely?) a Golden Labrador 'big puppy' who came to live with me and my other two dogs a few weeks ago.  She is completely lovable and fully of energy, but still with the puppy habits of chewing and digging.

She is very happy with the other dogs and plays with Blue, my Red Heeler, most of the time. They are almost the same size and virtually the same weight.  She is a smart dog and wants to please, as most dogs do.

We went to the vet yesterday to get exams and booster shots for all 3 dogs.  Tomorrow we will begin all-out-war on our flea infestation ... and we will win!

Take care and be happy; wherever you are.