08 May 2014

Going Bananas

I've just eaten the first banana from one of the trees in my own yard.  It was small to middle sized, sweet and delicious.  I live on the side of Volcan Baru, the tallest mountain in Panama.  I'm at 4,700 ft. ASL and the top of the mountain is 11,400 ft.

It is really too high and cool to grow bananas at my place.  However, a part-time worker transplanted five banana trees 3 or 4 years ago.  The first tree to produce was blown down by a gust from a freak wind storm before the fruit could mature.  The second bunch has been hanging on another tree for several months.  It takes a long time for them to mature, especially at higher altitudes.

Two and one-half weeks ago a local friend pronounced this bunch ready and cut it off of the tree.  I hung the stalk on the back porch.  They were very green and I thought that they would never ripen. However, today I noticed that many are showing some yellow.  There are over 40 bananas on the stalk.  The question now is; what do I do with so many?  Anyone want to come down and make a banana creme pie?  Fried bananas?  Banana pudding?  A banana and peanut butter sandwich?  A banana split?  Ideas ??

I don't think that my 4 dogs will be able to help, so come on down. I'll even meet you at the airport in David, Panama; 45 miles from here. Oh, and bring your camera because you'll hate yourself if you forget it.