06 February 2014

Time Flies When You're Busy

Well, another year in my corner of Paradise.  My dog pack is now complete at 4 amigos. They are great companions and keep bad people away.  They even allow me to live in the big dog house with them, although the 'doggie door' is a bit small for me.  

The new dog, Rex, has been a handful!  First I raised the fence from 5' to 7.5' because he was jumping over the fence and following me every time that I left the house.  That didn't help as he simply jumped as high as he could, then pushed himself up over the top.  I tried tying him up when I left and he simply slipped out of the collar or harness.   I finally had to get a special wide, nylon collar that he could not escape from.

I greatly dislike tying my dogs up so I then got a 'pet friendly' electric fence charger.  With both top & bottom perimeter wires Rex stays in the yard when I am gone. 

A firth dog, Blackie, came to the property about two months ago.  I didn't know at first, but he stayed behind the house for 3 or 4 days without me feeding him.  Persistence pays!  I finally began feeding him and took him into the pack.  He was a great, loving dog and minded well.  However, he attacked Rex three times in three weeks causing injuries each time.  So we found him a good new home.  Five dogs was simply too many in any case.  

I still have too many projects and not enough time for all of them.  We are in the dry season until mid-April and I had hoped to get a carport built this year.  I would also like to get the stone face on the outside of my living room.  And tile on the living room floor.  And ...

In the mean time, my friends Bruce & Barbara Miller from New Mexico moved into their new place about 5 miles south of me.  They are both ham radio operators and they brought two towers with them.  One of the towers is now on blocks in my backyard, so I will soon have two tall radio towers here.  Putting up the tower and transferring the antenna and cables requires a lot of time.  This will detract from my other projects.

I am looking forward to another Photo Adventure, http://www.jaymills.org/main/page_photo_adventures.html  in early April.  We should not have much rain, so hiking and other travel will be easier.  Things will not be as green as other times and some of the waterfalls may have less water, but we will find interesting things to photograph as always.

I sold a small lot at the 'street' end of my second lot to friends who are building a small house there.  It should be complete in another 6 weeks.  I will be glad to have someone nearby to watch my dogs and property when I am away.  I still have 4 lots for sale that are about 7/10 acre each (2,850 m3).  

I hope to keep this blog more up to date in the future.  But, no promises.