26 February 2013

Dry Season Happenings

First, the 3 dogs and I are doing great at Casa Jay in the mountains of western Panama.  It is dry season here and the locals call it "Summer", although we are still in the Northern Hemisphere and technically in the middle of winter.

I have a number of projects that I had intended to do during the 4 months when very little rain falls.  Some of them will get done and some will wait until later.  I have a number of small concrete projects and I'll get started on them soon.  

However, washing and repainting the roof is the most urgent project.  I bought a high pressure washer today.  After the roof, the entire outside of the house needs to get at least one coat of new paint.  I am also planning a carport to provide shelter from the rain for my pickup.

For amateur radio I need to get my big radio tower properly grounded for lightning.  I will also need to run the present above-ground wiring from the tower to the house in metal pipe underground.

I have put interior trim items for the house on hold, as yet another craftsman has broken his promise to fashion wooden door and window trip. 

A couple who are good friends of mine will become my close neighbors in a few months.  They are buying the front part on my 2nd lot near the house.  The 2nd lot contains a row of trees and I had never intended to sell that lot, only the 4 lots farther down the road.  They will not cut too many trees and will not block my view down to the Pacific.  The great thing for me is that I will have neighbors that I can trust.  They will watch my house and care for my dogs when I am not at home.

Cheers from Jay, Blue, Luna, and Sol.



John Jones said...

I hope all is going well, and life is keeping you busy. My wife and I will be in Porton and David in January 2014. I am thinking of bringing a QRP (5w?) rig and throwing an antenna in a tree, to try and reach my father (ND8T) in central Florida. Do you think your mountain will be too much in my way?

The longer term plan is a move to David, where I can put up my fan dipole and 100w xcvr. I am thinking that may be enough to reach him. Your thoughts? 73´s KJ4VPJ

Jay D. Mills said...


I assume that you are aware of the requirements for temporary ham operation in Panama? The easiest way to meet the rules is with an IARP permit (International Amateur Radio Permit) that is available for 1 year through the ARRL. It takes one or two months to get one normally.
Then, you need to inform the Medios de Comunicacion Social in Panama City of your intended dates and all particulars. E-mail me at jayinpanama (usual at symbol) gmail (period) com and I can send you more information if you need it.
The mountain will not be in your way but 5 watts may not be enough power...what band. It will be very dependent on conditions, hour-to-hour and day-to-day.