21 April 2014

Progress at Casa Jay

I have made quite a bit of progress in the past two months.  The carport & one meter wide roof extension over the front of the house is complete.  Also, the new radio tower is up and fully functional.

As usual, the dogs insist that I walk with them every day, so I get some good exercise.  The "Green Season" has begun again.  We should have some rain almost every day for the next eight months.  It's what keeps the lush tropical vegetation growing and green.

I have some more projects, as always, for the house.  However, almost all of them can be easily accomplished during the rainy season. 

I keep promising myself that I'll spend more time on photography, but it seldom seems to work out that way. I did go with a group of friends to the "highest waterfall in Panama" in early January.  Here is one of the pictures that I took on that trip.  Enjoy...

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