10 November 2009

Moving to New House

Well, I'm finally moving to the new house this week. It is not "completely finished" but it is close enough for the 2 dogs and I to enjoy the country life after the confines of the city.

Actually, Volcan, Chiriqui Province, Republic of Panama is just a quiet ranching and farming community in the mountains of far western Panama. However, we will be much happier with more "room to roam" in the country three miles from town. We will not have to be quite so careful of traffic when we walk in the evenings and there is seldom any traffic at all during our early morning walks. Our neighbors across the road run a small dairy and the lady makes very good white cheese that she shares with me in exchange for letting a couple of their cows graze near my house.

The dogs have finally learned to stay on the property and they are very protective of their "turf". I hope to have Internet connected this week and be able to use my ham radios again soon. I will continue to work on the house and it will be much easier when I am there full time.

Best Regards from Panama!

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