12 December 2009

Milestones - New House

I have two milestones to report today from my new home in Volcan, Chiriqui Province, Panama. The first is really from yesterday. A couple of helpers and I hauled the final load of stuff from my rented house in Volcan to the new house. This follows a month of trips spanning the 5 miles between houses. The very heavy radio tower will have to wait for appropriate help before moving to the new place.

The other important event was that I was able to take my first nice warm shower at the new house today. (No pictures of this event.) No, I have not waited for over a month to bathe! Since I was still paying rent, I have been using the electric "suicide" shower at the old place. I now have a propane fired demand hot water heater and it works great. I'm still working on the other plumbing but a working toilet and shower were first.

I only have a temporary wire antenna up for the 75 meter ham band but it is working great. I have talked to Korea, Japan, the Middle-East, Europe, Australia, and the U.S. in the past month in the early mornings and late evenings when not working on the house.

Happy Holidays to everyone from Panama!

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