24 February 2010

House Mostly Finished

Well, the house is mostly finished. I have a little inside electrical wiring to finish, then paint the inside walls and install the ceilings. A heating system is not needed and the air conditioning is generally to open a window or two. For dehumidifying and a small amount of cooling I have a small window air conditioner near the back door ... on the left in the picture above.

It has taken just over a year to reach this stage with timeouts for surgery, recovery and waits for workers to become available. My two dogs and I are quite comfortable and I've already had my first guest who was here for about a week. So I do have room for company to stay with me.

Work on my ham radio tower has reached the point that I am ready to bolt 60 feet of it together and stand it up in the 10 ft. deep hole for the base. We will put steel reinforcing rods around the base and pour a lot of concrete into the hole. After 30 days we will remove the supporting wires and the tower will stand on its own. I have other plans for wire antennas for the ham bands but they will have to wait for some of the house projects to get completed first.

The party celebrating my birthday was a great success with more than 25 people enjoying food and fellowship. The weather was so pleasant that everyone mostly sat outside and visited. There was a good mix of local and Gringo guests. A good time was had by all!

I am hoping to visit friends and family in the U.S. later this year. I'll have to see how the plans develop over time.

Please note: I am sorry to report that I have had to "moderate" comments on this site. This means that I receive comments by e-mail before they appear here. This is due to some commercial companies trying to promote their products in sneaky ways ... and people with personal agendas that have nothing to do with this site trying to use the comments as a place to rant and rave.

Be well and happy... and let me hear from you.

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Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Panama look like a lovely place. I hope to visit it one day. Greetings from Oman.