12 October 2010

Three Years in Paradise

This month marks 3 years of living in the beautiful mountains of western Panama. Many have asked if I am happy with my decision to retire here. The answer is yes! There are some minor frustrations with living in a different culture but they are more than made up in the economic advantages, the great living conditions and the friendly people. However, if you need your country club and gated community, this is not the place. If you have a very large budget try Boquete, just around the mountain.

If you have read my blog you know that I am retired (almost). What that means in a practical sense is that I do not have time for anything! Don't misunderstand, I'm perfectly happy doing nothing, but that is not the current situation.

First, there is the urgent need to finish the ceilings in the house. I need to cut down on the number of cubic feet that I have to dehumidify during the green (rainy) season. I have managed to get the ceiling and exhaust fan installed in the bathroom. And, I just finished putting the ceiling in the bedroom / workroom, so now on to the kitchen and living room.

Second, I need to put about 18 cubic meters of concrete in the ground behind the house for the base of my ham radio tower. The hole needs to be enlarged a small amount and the reinforcing bars installed. Then the concrete must be mixed and poured.

Third, after 21 months of building (with a little time off for other things) I am ready for a break. I want to operate more ham radio again and get out into the countryside, or just out on my property, to take more photographs.

Fourth, as there is interest I want to get back to taking individuals or small groups out on Photo Adventure Tours.

Fifth, when there is nothing else urgent, I want to spend more time running and playing with the dogs.

.... Then I will rest for awhile and find more interesting things to do with my time.

A wise person once said; "Happiness is not getting what you want; it is wanting what you get." I believe it. Be well and be happy wherever you are!

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